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Every GIBIE customer love their towels, rating it 4 out of 5 stars and above.
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Amazing towels

These towels are amazing, they soak water well and are very comfortable.

Very Durable

These towels are very durable, even after multiple washes they remain soft.

Very comfortable

It is very comfortable and it dries pretty fast.

Extremely soft

This towel is extremely soft and I loved the texture.

Personal Bath Set - Rust Cream

Personal Bath Set - Hazel Brown

Good packaging

Very good and soft towels with lovely texture and colour. Love the packaging and shipping is fast.

Absorbs well

A good quality towel that absorbs well and dries fast!

Lived up to expectations

The towel set absolutely lived up to expectations. I'm happy that I ordered them. They arrived on time as well.

Better than pure cotton towels

Much better than pure cotton towels. These bamboo fibre towels are extremely soft and fresh.

Amazing Towels

These towels are amazing. I’ve bought two other colours too (burnt grey and rust cream). The towels are very soft.

Good for daily use

It has good absorbency and soft too. Good for daily use.

Dries faster

It is a really nice towel, it absorbs almost all the water instantly and the biggest plus is it dries much faster than regular cotton towels.

Very good quality

This is an amazing set of luxury towels. The Colour, texture and softness is very good. Absolutely in love with quality.

Beautiful colour

I am very happy with this product. They are very soft and smooth on the skin. The rust cream colour is very beautiful.

Great size towels

I love the quality and the size of GIBIE towels. Perfect bath set for me. It soaks water so easily and dries up soon.

Good quality towels

Good quality, ultra-soft, and highly absorbent towels. The burnt grey colour looks extremely beautiful. A highly recommended product.

Durable bath towels

The product stands out for its softness, comfort and the perfect size. I’m impressed with its durability and longevity.

Premium towels

GIBIE towels look and feel premium. They are extremely soft on the skin and have fast drying capabilities. I really liked the brunt grey colour.

Perfect double bath towels

The look, feel and performance of these towels are simply perfect. The towels are made up of natural materials and free from Synthetic chemicals. Go for it!

Highly satisfied with GIBIE

Premium bath towel and the quality doesn’t degrade after multiple usages. Highly satisfied with GIBIE.

Good packaging

The towel feels refreshing and super soft as it is made of bamboo fibre and ayurvedic dyes. The packaging was very good.

Soft to touch

GIBIE towels are not only soft to the touch, but they also look great and are very absorbent. They are high-quality and luxurious towels, which has convinced me to go for GIBIE in the future as well.

Natural towels

As there are no synthetic chemicals used in the dyeing, these towels feel natural. Loved the sun white colour.

Wonderful experience

As of now, my experience with these towels has been wonderful. Nice colour but I loved the burnt grey colour more.