December 19, 2020. London, United Kingdom.

GIBIE™ Home Furnishings Ltd. today concluded its pilot equity crowd funding campaign on CrowdCube platform. In this campaign, GIBIE has raised a £158,000 pounds in just 30 days, overshooting its initially set target by staggering 300%. The campaign received an exciting participation from 350+ investors across 30+ countries.

GIBIE™, registered and headquartered in London, United Kingdom, is a sustainable luxury and utility-based bed and bath linen company. Since inception as a company, it has given equal weightage to purpose and profit, with a focus on providing the finest bed and bath linen through an amalgamation of modern design and 5000-year-old Ayurvedic dyeing techniques. GIBIE™ believes that there are sufficient resources available in the nature that can be used to develop superior fabrics through innovative methodologies that can make today's chemical-intensive textiles less relevant. Their objective is to tap into the amazing benefits and utilities that come with natural fibres and dyes and implement them through the latest technologies. Today GIBIE™ has developed some of the finest utility-based and sustainable linen in the world. GIBIE™ also vows never to manufacture by cruelty. To learn more, visit

This has been a great opportunity for us to supercharge our growth, by bringing like-minded investors as well as some of our valued customers on board as shareholders from across the world. Capital raised in this fundraising will help us to get going on all the incredible initiatives that we have planned for the near future, said GIBIE™’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, Hitesh Anand.

GIBIE now intends to take the next leap in scaling up its business by further investing the raised funds on recruitment, launching key sales programs & marketing initiatives, as well as boosting its production & product portfolio.

Link to campaign page on Crowdcube platform: