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Is It So Difficult to Survive a Year of “No Shopping?”

Is it so difficult to survive a year of “No Shopping?” Quick answer — no it isn’t a difficult deal to take on and survive it.

After all, shopping is not like food or water. It is true that you can survive without shopping for clothes, but it is also true that you might also feel a little uneasy with the changing of trends and give in to the urge to buy new, latest fashion. It is still a wonder how trends tend to change nowadays. There is a new hot look every other month, thus giving the stage to the fast fashion reality of the clothing industry. 

Known for its notoriety, the fast fashion industry is still in its evolving phase. This means that even though they have the means to mass-produce the clothes that we wear, they are yet to figure out a more sustainable way of managing the waste. 

Waste is inevitable, no matter what it is that you are producing. In the textile workspace, this waste can be ten times more than any other industry. And the rise of the fast fashion industry has only worsened it.

The acceleration of the fast fashion industry

At the start of the 21st century, the fast fashion phase had just been introduced to the public. The core principle behind it was to give people what they wanted in a much cheaper and effective way. All the checklists were in place. There was already a high demand when it came to some designer clothes. And thus, as a cheaper rip-off, or should we say variant, fast fashion clothes became the alternative for most of the working class individuals.

This is also where the ‘fear of missing out’ kicked in. As new fashion bubbles began to start every other year, it was clear that the demand was going to be on the rise no matter what. Hence, many manufacturers found Fast Fashion as a profitable endeavour. Read more about Mindful Buyers: The Rise of Eco-Conscious Shopping.

What’s wrong with going fast?

Now, the problem with fast fashion is not only how it works or in its manufacturing process. They come later. The real problem is in how it results in an ever-growing demand for clothes among the general public that never seems to die out. It’s never enough or completes for the consumer. It is true that even the way clothes are manufactured can have a negative impact on the environment.

However, if done in a controlled manner, it can really help in the waste management aspect of it all. On a side note, fast fashion has been consistently held responsible for making the textile industry one of the biggest contributors to water contamination.

Can you survive the “no shopping” spree?

The No Shopping goal tackles the fast fashion world right at its roots, which is the demand. It is the one thing that ramps up the manufacturing process. Though there might be many ways in which you can get involved with No Shopping, capsule wardrobe, however, has been one of the most impactful methods to hop onto.

Cutting down on your wardrobe accessories is one thing, and hopping on any new fashion or style that has started, is another. There is no saying whether you would cut down your wardrobe and then proceed to buy new clothes. This is something that capsule wardrobe doesn’t address.

Sure, for some people, the urge to buy new clothes is for real. Many people shop for clothes every other week. This shows the strength of fast fashion in today’s world. On the other hand, there is also a concept of circular fashion that aims to help the customers by giving them the option of buying clothes while decreasing their demand.

How can it do so? Well, there are multiple options. You can either fashion your old clothes into something new, or you can simply buy some new clothes from a thief shop. Everyone knows that fashion is cyclical - but they still end up discarding the clothes that they haven’t worn in months. As it said in the Fashion Revolution, ‘the most sustainable item is the one you already own.’
At this point, it might be hard to see the end of the line, but ask yourself this: What is your relationship with the clothes you own? 

Just like any other resolution, the No Shopping resolution can be quite tricky. On the other hand, it might help you be more creative with the outfits that you already own. Yes, going No Shopping for a period prevents you from going out and buying new clothes, but it is not preventing you from being innovative with what is already there and trying new styles. Read more about Finding More In What's Already There In The Wardrobe: Hello, Circular Fashion!

After looking at this case and point, you can understand that fast fashion is quite easy to tackle, and the answer to this problem is in your wardrobe itself. Go on, hold on to those clothes, make something new out of them. And one more thing, No Shopping will also save you some time, energy, and money. Isn't that just great? Read more about Capsule Wardrobe: A Guide for an Eco-Conscience Consumer

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