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Background: Fashion Industry, water pollution, and groundwater

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. The wave of hyper-consumerism presses upon us a constant urge to consume the best international brands. Especially the millennials who create an alter ego on social media and regularly modify their wardrobe according to the changing trends. This alter ego is empathised through their fashion statement- that primarily melts down to clothes.

According to research, one cotton t-shirt uses 2,700 liters of water, this is enough for a single human to survive for approximately 900 years. Imagine the amount of water that is being used by the umpteen number of t-shirts that are mass-produced by international brands globally every year! A seminal research work conducted by the international water management institute shows that in the year of 2015 the fashion industry consumed 79 billion cubic meters of water that is enough to fill 32 million swimming pools equivalent to Olympic size. 

According to research conducted by NASA, the level of groundwater is receding at an alarming rate. Especially, during the past two decades. It is estimated that major cities across the world will be without ground-level water by 2050. Such urgent times do call for socially responsible corporate houses, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs. 

Eco-friendly living: The chemical dyes versus herbal dyes. Gibie™ is amongst one of the few socially responsible companies that not only adhere to the sustainability goals but at the same time is sensitive to the needs of its buyers. Our products are eco-friendly and above all our herbal dying methods do not pollute the water table. The company owners even guarantee that if by mistake the herbal dyed water is consumed by a living being, it will not harm the person. Read more about Mindful Buyers: The Rise of Eco-Conscious Shopping.

In this age of numerous start-ups and eco-friendly companies mushrooming across the globe, one might ask: Why we should prefer Gibie™? Read more about Why I founded GIBIE™?

Gibie™ makes use of a unique mix of cotton and bamboo yarn. Bamboo is becoming a great alternative to the water-consuming cotton crop. As the growth of the plant requires minimum or no water, it improves the quality of the soil and also limits soil erosion. Hence, the mixed yarn of cotton and bamboo, with bamboo in higher percentage helps in reducing the ecological footprint. The production of mixed yarn is highly specialized, technical, and laborious. The creation of eco-friendly bath linen undergoes conscientious stages that finally lead to a super soft and lighter form of bath linen (it is much lighter than cotton, as cotton towels become heavy after absorption of water). The bath linen produced by Gibie™ is lighter, softer, and is infused with several health benefits that are essential for the human body.

Company Ethics: Many of the multi-national companies in the fashion industry are known to exploit the workers working in manufacturing units. Most of these companies manufacturing units are based in developing nations. As a result of which the labourers are known to work under inhumane conditions and very low wages. The constant exposure to chemical dyes leads to major health problems and many times results in permanent damage to their hands and exposed skin area.

During recent years, several scientific types of research have been conducted on the dangers of chemical dyes. The research work has concluded that the chemicals used for dyeing have shown the visible presence of carcinogenic elements. In a few cases, it has resulted in fatal incidents among a few buyers. On the contrary, Gibie™ takes special care of its employees, working hours, as well as the use of herbal dyes, assures their physical safety. Read more about What is Bringing Back Herbal Dyeing to the Textile Industry?

Health benefits: Gibie™ closely follows the ancient science of Ayurvastra (it is one of the ancient scientific systems of medicine present in the world whose origin can be traced back to 5000 years). Ayurvastra enunciates numeral health benefits that can be attained from the use of natural and herbal components. These components have been carefully incorporated during the dying process such as turmeric, pomegranate, haritaki, madder, soapnut, sea salts, wood ash, iron ore among many others.

Keeping sustainable goals and health benefits in mind, Gibie fuses the knowledge of this ancient science with the production of its linen and bathing range. As towels directly come in contact with the numerous skin pores that are present on a human body, Gibie™ has paid special attention to the use of herbal dyes and its subsequent health benefits. 

Awards and Association: Recently Gibie™ was amongst the 100 green companies that were selected for the prestigious Green Product Award 2020 in Munich, Germany. Gibie™ has also been awarded the PETA Approved Vegan certificate for no exploitation of animals in any way. The company has also decided to plant a tree for every sale of its bath towel.

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