The Importance of Ayurvedic Dyeing

The Importance of Ayurvedic Dyeing

The ancient arts of Ayurvastra have been a very critical part of Indian tradition for centuries. Mainstream clothing lines although they are being produced all over the world using the vast resources of industrialization, they are not without certain disadvantages.

What does Ayurvastra mean? Being explained in simpler terms, it refers to the lively clothing, clothes manufactured using different kinds of herbs and secret techniques that have been passed on from generations. Our ancestors used to practice this art and lived longer lives because of these clothing procedures.

Let us now discuss in detail how important these herbal dyeing methods are. What could be gained from them and how they can help us in the long run! Read more about The Origin of Herbal Dyeing.


Ayurvastra- The Ancient Art

To get to the importance of ayurvedic dyeing, we must first get to know what these practices are. It has been known that clothing has indeed been an essential part of our lives since the very dawn of civilization when technology and science were evolving, certain discoveries were made around the world, which revolutionized the way our clothes would be manufactured and how they would help us. In centuries-oldIndia, the monks and came to known about these practices when they started experimenting on certain fibres and herbs. These herbs have been known to possess healing properties, and when they were combined with certain practices, they produced extremely positive results.

This dyeing process is very much similar to the one which is being practised today although with certain distinctions. Controversies and disapprovals have also been made against these traditions, but when it comes to giving accurate results, Ayurvastra certainly doesn’t disappoint. The process is split into three stages: Bleaching, gumming and dyeing. Read more about Why Ayurveda Dyeing is Beneficial?

In the first part, the clothes are mixed in herbs and animal waste which is a major turn off for Western and the rest of Asian countries. They too are following these practices but with certain modifications and alternative ingredients.

Let us now discuss the exact importance of Ayurvedic Dyeing, and why it should be adopted by everyone who is into the clothing line.


 Going Green

 The 21stcentury has witnessed many technological marvels, the economy is going to lengths that weren’t even imaginable before but this improvement, this step forward hasn’t come with certain strings attached. The world is facing dangers that weren’t even possible before; the degradation and depreciation of certain natural elements are slowly taking its toll. According to recent surveys and reports, it has come into the limelight that the biggest pollution makers are the industries which specialize in textiles. The kind of chemicals they use are flown into the rivers; those very rivers then transform into toxic clouds which rain down havoc into the societies. Certain parts of India reportedly had radiation poisoning, turns out those parts were in the vicinity of big industries which were constantly in the process of clothes-making. Read more about What is Bringing Back Herbal Dyeing to the Textile Industry?

The chemicals that are being used in the production of these clothing items are harming both man and nature, instead of giving back to nature are striping all the resources, and when they are gone, it will be too late.

Ayurvastra is considered to be the solution to all these problems, how so? This process of making clothes is without the consumption and usage of any chemicals, no machinery is used, and the herbs which are present in the process have healing abilities so all the better for it. This herbal dyeing method is also considered very much environmental friendly, where these arts are practised, the area itself becomes a palace of solitude, and it is just you and nature.

Another key importance of these dyeing methods is that they are very much cost-effective. In industries, you have to pay for the labour you are employing, the fixed costs such as rents and electricity bills. In the end, the kind of mark-up you apply to your after-products are low, and the kind of revenue which is generated very much demeaning. With these ayurvedic procedures, the setup and manufacturing cost are pretty much close to zero and with their sales you can earn a decent amount of both revenues and profits.

Going Global

 Western economies have always been on a mission to cut down their manufacturing costs and increase their revenues ultimately. Certain researches have been carried out over the past decades which would introduce them to certain opportunities which would help them protect the environment and produce exemplary products. Ayurvastra is the key to all their problems both commercial and economical. The usage of these arts would allow them to make environmentally friendly clothing products which won’t just be cost-effective but also attractive.

European countries since the very start have been big admirers of Asian cultures, may it be related to economies or societies, and anything which has mysterious elements entices interest in them. The revelation of these centuries’ old practices has made them interested, and in its conclusion, they have made the millions worth of investments. The capital generated is then forwarded to research purposes which will allow the application of these herbal practices into the modern world into curing every kind of problems.

The first protection that we have against diseases of every kind is our skin; if that is harmed enough, then we become vulnerable to the damages that can occur. Ayurvedic clothing has certain healing properties which will allow the user to be protected from every kind of outward harm.

Although it is the start of Ayurvedic practices into the modern world, with time, it will be a great asset to the societies. Read more about Mindful Buyers: The Rise of Eco-Conscious Shopping.

The Ancient Technique of Dyeing Textiles Using Medicinal Herbs

The Ancient Technique of Dyeing Textiles Using Medicinal Herbs

Why Ayurveda Dyeing is Beneficial?

Why Ayurveda Dyeing is Beneficial?

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